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Saint Vincent Madelgarus
Saint Vincent Madelgarus

Saint Vincent Madelgarus

Feast Day
Sep 20, 2012
<p>Not much is known about St. Vincent Madelgarus, but it is believed he was born in the early 7<sup>th</sup> century in Strepy les Binches, Hainault, Belgium, and died in 677 in Soignies.&nbsp; We know that he was a Benedictine monk who established at least two monasteries in Hainaut (now France). &nbsp;</p> <p>Around the year 635 he was married to St. Waldetrudis by whom he fathered four children, all of them were later venerated as saints as well.&nbsp; His children were St. Aldegundis, St. Landericus, St. Dentlin, and St. Madalberta.&nbsp; On behalf of King Dagobert I, he went to Ireland and returned with several Irish monks.&nbsp; They were to serve with him as missionaries to the pagan areas of the Kings territory. &nbsp;</p> <p>We also know that he founded a monastery at Hautmont, France in the year 642.&nbsp; In 643 his wife entered a convent and he joined the Benedictines at Haumont under the name of Vincent.&nbsp; He also served as Abbot for some time while at the monastery in Haumont.&nbsp; In later years he established another monastery on his estate at Soignies, Belgium.&nbsp; It is here that he died on July 14<sup>th</sup>, 677. &nbsp;</p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: medium;">Practical Take Away</span>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>St. Vincent Madelgarus was a saint from the area of France and Belgium.&nbsp; Not a lot is known about him, but enough to establish his good works.&nbsp; He was married and had four children, all of whom where canonized Saints in our Church.&nbsp; At one point, his wife entered a convent and he entered a Benedictine monastery.&nbsp; He went on and founded at least two monasteries that we know of.&nbsp; It is obvious that he was a great man of faith &ndash; not only did he earn sainthood, but so did his wife and all four of his children.&nbsp; His life shows us that with faith, practicing that faith daily, and with prayer, not only can we merit eternal life in Heaven, but so can our entire family. &nbsp;</p>