Join us for the
Newman Ministry
2024 Awards Banquet
April 11, 2024

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You are invited to a special evening in Dallas, honoring individuals and organizations working tirelessly in the vineyard to keep Catholic young adults connected to their faith.

Featuring musical entertainment by Josh Weathers.

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High School Outreach

Connect Your Students to the Next Step in their Faith Journey

Connect your student

It’s All About the Invitation!

Did you know that over 80% of students stop practicing the faith in college? One of the top reasons for this is because the student didn’t receive an invitation!

Let’s make sure your graduate gets that invitation!

Connect your student
A group of high school graduates celebrates at their graduation ceremony

High School Outreach program

How it works

1. Sign up to connect your graduate(s)

2. We will notify their campus minister

3. The campus minister can send your student an invite

A decade of commitment to campus ministry

450,000+ Students Connected100+ Diocese EndorsementsIn 650+ Catholic High SchoolsReaching 2,000+ ParishesOn 800+ College Campuses

Let’s Make this Happen

Help Your Students Grow Their Faith

Connect student to a Ministry

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What students say

“Hi, my name is Sophia. I've really enjoyed being a part of the Newman Association because it has led me to meet other Catholics on campus and made me feel less alone in my faith. Everyone I've met through the Newman Center is super nice and welcoming. Our meetings and weekly Mass have helped me feel close to God even when I'm away from home. It's also nice to be a part of an organization when so many other clubs have not been able to be very active this semester due to COVID.”

Student at Newman Association SUNY Plattsburgh

“Before coming to Butler and joining the Butler Catholic Community, my relationship with God was surface-level. I did the things that I was expected to do, like attend Mass, but I never thought deeply about my faith or how to truly connect with God. So, when I was invited to BCC groups like men's group and bible study, I met people who were truly living out their faith in an open and genuine way. I learned how to make my faith my own and that I was meant for deeper relationship with God. I will be forever thankful for the BCC and how it changed my faith life in such a positive way.” 

Student at Butler Catholic Community
Butler University