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Newman Ministry
2024 Awards Banquet
April 11, 2024

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You are invited to a special evening in Dallas, honoring individuals and organizations working tirelessly in the vineyard to keep Catholic young adults connected to their faith.

Featuring musical entertainment by Josh Weathers.

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Gift Acceptance Policy

Newman Ministry (DBA Newman Connection)
Gift Acceptance Policy 2021

The Newman Ministry Advisory Board recognizes the importance of charitable giving to the well-being and future of the mission and vision. We encourage staff, friends and current and future benefactors to contribute generously to our annual campaigns, special events and funding of all programs. This policy describes the ways Newman Ministry can accept these gifts. In case of any questions not answered by the following policies, Newman Ministry will abide by generally accepted charitable giving accounting standards and those prescribed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and/or the National Planned Giving Council.

  1. The Newman Ministry Advisory Board will annually review, and revise when necessary, our Gift Acceptance Policy.
  2. Newman Ministry welcomes gifts of cash, publicly traded bonds and stock, insurance policies, real and personal property and pledges, as well as deferred gifts such as trusts, annuities, and bequests. All gifts are accepted according to standards below; for donor's records, gifts are dated at the time they leave the donor's possession; for Newman Connection's records, all gifts are dated when received.
  3. Gifts of cash, securities and paid insurance policies are accepted immediately upon receipt. Newman Connection also welcomes deferred gifts such as bequests, trusts, annuities and life estates; irrevocable gifts are counted at the time of the gift, discounted as necessary for any deferred gifts. For gift accounting, revocable gifts will be acknowledged and may be reported in a separate gift accounting but will not be booked or included in any totals until realized.
  4. Gifts of real estate and other property are accepted provided they can be used to advance the Newman Ministry mission or sold by Newman Ministry; the customary procedure will be to sell these immediately, but the Newman Ministry Advisory Board retains the right to postpone sale; the donor may not stipulate the timing of a sale. Any appraisal and/or environmental assessments found necessary will be conducted at the expense of the donor prior to Newman Ministry's acceptance: such gifts will only be accepted after approval by the Newman Ministry Advisory Board.
  5. Gifts for restricted purposes will be accepted when those restrictions are a component of the annual budget, a strategic initiative, or educational purpose. Gifts for other restricted purposes will be accepted only after the approval of the Newman Ministry Advisory Board. Gifts restricted for endowment, may only be applied to a new named fund if the initial gift is $100,000 or more. Additions to existing named funds will be accepted in any amount.
  6. Gifts that might require special action or any change in procedure at Newman Ministry will be considered by the Newman Ministry Advisory Board prior to acceptance. In general, Newman Ministry will not accept gifts with conditions that require changes in basic elements of the values, plans, or programs unless the Advisory Board already approved those conditions during a planning process.
  7. Newman Ministry will not directly manage gift annuities, and therefore any such gifts must be made with the understanding that a third party (such as a community foundation or another organization with annuity management services) will manage the annuity and make income payments directly to the donor.
  8. Gifts cannot be applied to individual expenses for personal benefit of a specific individual.
  9. Gifts may not be restricted for any purposes that are contrary to the values or mission of the organization, or for any purposes that would discriminate against any person or groups by reason of race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability or other basis prohibited by law.
  10. Most gifts offer some tax advantages to donors, and Newman Ministry urges each donor to seek the most appropriate ways to maximize these advantages. While Newman Ministry is anxious to discuss gift planning with each donor in so far as it applies to their gift, Newman Ministry will not and does not offer financial or estate planning advice on these giving methods, on gift or financial management, or on other aspects of the donor's charitable gift planning. Each donor is urged to seek financial counsel. As necessary in negotiating the terms of a gift, Newman Ministry will also retain counsel for gift management advice.
  11. Newman Ministry will strategically steward donors with letters of appreciation, public recognition and reports to donors about the impact of their donations. Donor requests for anonymity will always be honored. Strategic practices for stewardship and recognition of donors will be reviewed annually.