Keep students connected to the faith in college

Support programs that empower the next generation of Catholics.


Did you know that over
80% of students stop practicing the faith in college?

Amidst the global pandemic and civil unrest, it's becoming even harder for students to connect with their faith in college. We cannot accept this. We were made for more.

At Newman Ministry, we create programs that empower the next generation of Catholics in order to reverse the trend of young adults leaving the faith.

Future Leaders

Empower students and campus ministers to become bold, new leaders of our Church.

A National
Prayer Movement

Participate in a counter-cultural movement promoting respect for life and love.

A Massive
Outreach Platform

Help build one of the largest outreach engines the Catholic Church has ever seen.

Support bold new solutions

A decade of commitment
to campus ministry

Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous, God will not do the miraculous
- Mother Angelica, EWTN

How You Can
Make a Difference


Share the gift of faith with college students everywhere.


Empower the next generation of Catholics.


Utilize your time and talents to help the Newman mission.
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It’s time for change

Chances are you know someone who has stopped practicing the faith in college. Maybe it was you? We have to find creative ways to empower the next generation of Catholics, or our Church is in trouble.

While there are some great campus ministry organizations out there, the stats aren’t changing.

Bold solutions are needed.

Be bold with us, and let’s keep our students connected to the Faith in College.


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