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Saint Pope Julius

Saint Pope Julius

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Apr 12, 2013
<p>Pope Julius was the Pope from February 6, 337 to April 12, 352.&nbsp; He was a native of Rome and was chosen as successor of Pope Mark, after the Roman See had been vacant for four months.&nbsp; He is best known for the part he took in the Arian Controversy. &nbsp;</p> <p>After the followers of Eusebius of Nicomedia who was then the Patriarch of Constantinople, had renewed their deposition of Athanasius at a synod help in Antioch in 341, they resolved to send delegates to Constans, Emperor of the West and also to Julius, setting for the grounds on which they had proceeded.&nbsp; Julius, after expressing an opinion favorable to Athanasius, invited both parties to lay the case before a synod to be presided over by himself.&nbsp; This proposal however, the Arian Eastern Bishops declined to accept. &nbsp;</p> <p>On his second banishment from Alexandria, Athanasius came to Rome, and was recognized as a regular Bishop by the Synod presided over by Julius in 342.&nbsp; Julius sent a letter to the Eastern Bishops, an early instance of the claims of primacy for the Bishop of Rome.&nbsp; Even if Athanasius and his companions were to blame, the letter says the Alexandrian Church should first have written to the Pope.&nbsp; &ldquo;Can you be ignorant,&rdquo; writes Julius, &ldquo;that this is the custom, that we should be written to first, so that from here what is just may be defined&rdquo;. &nbsp;</p> <p>It was through the influence of Julius that at a later date, the council of Sardica, in Illyria was held, which was attended only by seventy-six Eastern Bishops, who speedily withdrew to Philippopolis and deposed Julius at the Council of Philippopolis, along with Athanasius and others.&nbsp; Three hundred Western Bishops, who remained, confirmed the previous decisions of the Roman Synod.&nbsp; Pope Julius died on April 12, 352 and was succeeded by Pope Liberius.&nbsp; He is credited with setting Jesus&rsquo; birthday on December 25. &nbsp;</p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: medium;">Practical Take Away</span>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>St. Pope Julius was born in Rome, and became Pope in 337 &ndash; 352.&nbsp; He was our 35<sup>th</sup> Pope, and was most noted for fighting Arianism.&nbsp; He also was successful in uniting the Eastern Bishops and the Western Bishops through Synods.&nbsp; One of the things that we most remember St. Pope Julius for is his setting December 25<sup>th</sup>, as the Birthday of Jesus.&nbsp; The Catholic Church has celebrated Christmas as being on December 25<sup>th</sup>, ever since his papacy in 337.&nbsp; This is quite a test of time if you think about it, nearly 1800 years ago!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>