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Saint Lawrence of Brindisi
Saint Lawrence of Brindisi

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi

Feast Day
Jul 21, 2013
Brindisi, Italy
<p>St. Lawrence of Brindisi, Italy was born Giulio Cesare Russo in 1559.&nbsp; He was born to a family of merchants, and was educated at St. Mark&rsquo;s College in Venice.&nbsp; He joined the Capuchins in Verona as Brother Lawrence, as a member of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.&nbsp;</p> <p>St. Lawrence was an accomplished linguist, and he spoke most European and Semitic languages fluently.&nbsp; Because of his humility and knowledge of the faith, he was appointed Definitor General to Rome for the Capuchins in 1596.&nbsp; Pope Clement VIII assigned him the task of converting the Jews in the city.&nbsp;&nbsp; St. Lawrence established Capuchin Monasteries in modern Germany and Austria, furthering the counter-reformation and brought many Protestants back to the Catholic Faith.&nbsp;</p> <p>He served as the imperial chaplain for the army of Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor and successfully recruited the Duke of Mercoeur to help fight against the Ottoman Turks.&nbsp; He did all this battle with only a Crucifix.&nbsp; There after, he was elected Vicar General of the Capuchin Friars, the highest office in the Order.&nbsp;</p> <p>After one term he entered into the Holy See, becoming Papal Nuncio to Bavaria.&nbsp; After serving as a special envoy to the King of Spain, he retired to a Monastery.&nbsp; He was recalled as a special envoy to the King of Spain, regarding the actions of the Viceroy of Naples, and after finishing his mission, he died on his birthday in Lisbon.&nbsp; He was beatified in 1783 by Pope Pius VI, Canonized in 1881 by Pope Leo XIII, and declared a &ldquo;Doctor of the Church&rdquo; by Pope John XXIII in 1959.&nbsp; His Feast Day is always July 21<sup>st</sup>, in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms.&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Practical Take Away</strong></span></p> <p>St. Lawrence studied hard to learn the faith, and in the process had a conversion to the faith.&nbsp; He acted upon that conversion and became a servant of the Church.&nbsp; He knew that the only way he could find happiness and peace was to use the gifts that God gave him, and bring the faith to a people in need. His gift in practice, brought many back to the faith who had previously left for Protestantism.&nbsp; We can do well for ourselves to follow the example of this good Saint, and Doctor of the Church and wisely use our gifts, whatever they may be.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>