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Saint Conrad of Parzham OFM Cap
Saint Conrad of Parzham OFM Cap

Saint Conrad of Parzham OFM Cap

Feast Day
Apr 21, 2013
<p>Born on December 22, 1818, he was baptized with the name of John, and was born on the family farm in Germany.&nbsp; He was the ninth son in a peasant family.&nbsp; From an early child, St. Conrad gave indications of his future sanctity by his modesty and love of solitude.&nbsp; His devotion was noticeable especially when he prayed in the Church. The Church was a long way off, and he visited often, even in inclement weather.&nbsp; He was especially close to the Blessed Virgin, and daily recited the Rosary.&nbsp; On feast days, he would make long, remote journeys to a Shrine of the Blessed Mother.&nbsp; He would return late at night on foot, and still fasting.&nbsp; He lost his mother at the age of 14, and spent his time helping on the family farm.&nbsp; At 31, after his father&rsquo;s death, he entered the Capuchin Franciscan Friars, and was given the name Conrad. &nbsp;</p> <p>After his profession, he was sent to the Friary of St. Ann in Altotting.&nbsp; The friary served the Shrine of Our Lady of Altotting, the national Shrine of the Blessed Mother in Bavaria.&nbsp; It was here that St. Conrad was given the position of porter at the Shrine, and he retained it until his death.&nbsp; Because of the size of this city, and the many pilgrims, the duty of a friary porter was a difficult one.&nbsp; Conrad was known to be diligent at his work, sparing in words, bountiful to the poor, and eager to help strangers.&nbsp; He served in this position to the town&rsquo;s people for forty years, fulfilling their needs of body and soul. &nbsp;</p> <p>St. Conrad loved silence in a special way, and his spare moments during the day were spent in a nook near the door, where it was possible for him to see and adore the Blessed Sacrament.&nbsp; He was known for depriving himself of sleep, to spend time with Jesus in the Church or Oratory in prayer.&nbsp; It was the general belief of his fellow friars, that he never slept, but continually occupied himself in his duties and devotion.&nbsp; On April 21, 1894, St. Conrad died in the friary where he had served for 41 years.&nbsp; During his lifetime, Brother Conrad was known to have the gift and ability to read the hearts of those he met, and was attributed with the gift of prophecy.&nbsp; His heroic virtues and the miracles her performed won for him canonization by Pope Pius XI in 1934. &nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Practical Take Away</strong></span></p> <p>St. Conrad was born John, in Bavaria, now modern day Germany.&nbsp; He was the ninth son of a farming family, and after loosing his parents, entered the Capuchin Friars.&nbsp; He was sent to the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and took the position of Porter.&nbsp; He had the ability to work miracles, and was able to read the hearts of those he met, as well as the gift of prophecy.&nbsp; He was believed by his fellow Brothers, to never have slept, rather spent his time with his duties or in devotion at the Chapel.&nbsp; He practiced heroic virtues that won for him the title of saint, and was canonized in 1934 by Pope Pius XI.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>