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Saint Cloud

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Sep 07, 2013
Nail Makers, Against Carbuncles/Boils
<p>St. Cloud was born in 522.&nbsp; The real spelling of his name is Clodoald, but translated to English, is Cloud.&nbsp; On the death of the King of Franks, in the year 511, his kingdom was divided between his four sons.&nbsp; The second of these sons was Clodomir.&nbsp; He was killed thirteen years later, fighting for his land.&nbsp; His youngest son was Cloud.&nbsp; When Cloud was eight years old, his uncle Childebert plotted with his brother, to get rid of the boys and divide their kingdom.&nbsp; The oldest son was Theodoald, and he was stabbed to death.&nbsp; The second was Gunther, and he fled in terror, but was caught and killed.&nbsp; Cloud escaped and was taken for safety into Provence.&nbsp; St. Cloud made no attempt to recover his kingdom when he came of age. &nbsp;</p> <p>Cloud lived as a hermit and disciple of St. Severinus of Noricum.&nbsp; He was visited by many for his great, and compassionate counsel, and for his gift of healing.&nbsp; He eventually returned to Paris, where he was received with great joy.&nbsp; He had gained popularity for his gift of healing.&nbsp; At the peoples request, Bishop Eusebius of Paris ordained him a Priest in 551 at the age 29. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>St. Cloud established a holy place at Nogent-sur-Seine that is now a collegiate Church of Cannons regular, called Saint Cloud, where his relics are kept, nearly 1,500 years later.&nbsp; The village hosting his tomb was renamed St. Cloud, accordingly. &nbsp; St. Cloud in France, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida are named in honor of this great Saint.&nbsp; He is their patron saint. &nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Practical Take Away</strong></span></p> <p>St. Cloud was 8 or 9, when his father the King passed away.&nbsp; He and his two brothers were to all receive a piece of the kingdom, as it was being divided into thirds.&nbsp; His uncle, not wanting them to get anything, had them all assassinated with the exception of St. Cloud, who escaped at a young age, and lived as a hermit, joining with St. Severinus of Noricum.&nbsp; Eventually he was ordained a Priest in Rome, and had a miraculous gift of healing.&nbsp; All the people that would come from far and wide to seek his counsel loved him.&nbsp; His life shows us that even with a young family hardship, one can find peace in God and Holy Mother Church.&nbsp; He dedicated his life to serving the Church and lived a long life of service to others.&nbsp; He could have fought for his part of the kingdom, but he chose to serve God, and turn his back on the world, leaving the justice to God. &nbsp;</p>