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Indiana, Angola, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend,, <p>The Newman Catholic Fellowship at Trine University welcomes people of all backgrounds who are seeking&nbsp;spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with the Lord. &nbsp;We aspire, as the new generation of Catholics, to be disciples of Jesus. &nbsp;Through the will of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can create an environment based upon the purposes in our vision, the principles we hold in our hearts, and the truths established through Scripture.<br><br>Vision for Our Group:<br>- To become the best-version-of-ourselves<br>- To provide regular activities that will promote faith and fellowship<br>- To celebrate and explore the gifts of the Sacraments<br><br>Vision for Our Community:<br>- To be a shining example of Christ’s light<br>- To volunteer our time and energy for the sake of universal betterment<br>- To proclaim the Gospel in our words, thoughts, and actions<br><br>The purpose of the Newman Catholic Fellowship at Trine is to further our faith in God and our fellow students through fellowship, discussions, prayers, Bible Studies, retreats, and other events. &nbsp;This group is open to anyone that is interested in learning more about God and the Catholic Church. &nbsp;While the group is centralized on Catholic belief, we invite all to join. &nbsp;We strive to become better Christians and be open-minded, loving and welcoming since we are called to be like Christ for one another.</p>

Trine University

Trine Newman Catholic Fellowship
Angola, IN