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Saint Richard the Pilgrim
Saint Richard the Pilgrim

Saint Richard the Pilgrim

Feast Day
Feb 07, 2013
<p>St. Richard is known as, St. Richard the Pilgrim, St. Richard of Wessex, St. Richard the King, St. Richard the Saxon, and St. Richard of Swabia.&nbsp; He is a saint in the Catholic Church, and his feast day is celebrated on February 7<sup>th</sup>.&nbsp; He was born in Wessex, England. &nbsp; Richard had many saints in his family, his brother-in-law was St. Boniface the Archbishop of Mainz; he was the father of St. Willibald the Bishop of Eichstatt and St. Winnebald the Abbot of Heidenheim; and St. Walburga the Abbess of Heidenheim.&nbsp; His wife was Wuna, and they had the three children.&nbsp; He founded the Shrine of St. Walburga&rsquo;s at Eichstatt.&nbsp; Through prayer, he aided his three-year-old son to recover from being gravely ill. &nbsp;</p> <p>St. Richard renounced his Royal Estate and set sail with his two sons from Hamblehaven, near Southampton, around 721.&nbsp; They landed in France and stayed briefly in Rouen, before setting off on the pilgrimage route to Rome, Italy.&nbsp; They prayed at most of the Shrines situated along the way.&nbsp; He later fell ill with a fever and died in Lucca, Tuscany.&nbsp; He was buried in the Church of San Frediano, which was founded by the Irish Monk Frigidian.&nbsp; Miracles were reported to have occurred by his tomb and veneration started soon after his death. &nbsp;</p> <p>The people of Lucca started the accounts of his life, describing him as an English Prince.&nbsp; Another apocryphal story described him as the Duke of Swabia, in Germany.&nbsp; St. Richard&rsquo;s niece, a Nun called Hugeburc, wrote an account of the pilgrimage, which Willibald had continued until he reached the Holy Land.&nbsp; Historians date the text between 761 and 786.&nbsp; Eventually St. Willibald his son had some of his relics moved to Eichstatt, where St. Willibald eventually became Bishop. &nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Practical Take Away&nbsp;</strong></span></p> <p>St. Richard was born in Wessex, England and denounced his Royal Estate to set sail with his two sons to Rome.&nbsp; They visited most of the Shrines along the way, as they made their Pilgrimage.&nbsp; He died on that trip, and was buried in the Church of San Frediano.&nbsp; Miracles were reported to have occurred at his tomb soon after his death.&nbsp; He is the father of Saints Willibald, Winnebald and Walburga.&nbsp; His brother-in-law was St. Boniface. &nbsp;</p>