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Saint Palladius
Saint Palladius

Saint Palladius

Feast Day
Jul 07, 2012
Patron Saint of Scotland, Missionaries
<p>St. Palladius was born to a Gallo-Roman Family around 408.&nbsp; He married at a young age, and had a daughter.&nbsp; He kissed his family goodbye in the manner of the Apostles and lived as an ascetic in Sicily.&nbsp; He even gave his daughter to a convent, and was ordained a Priest.&nbsp; It is believed that he was a Deacon under St. Germanus of Auxerre, France, and was responsible for urging Pope Celestine I to send the Bishop Germanus to Britain, where he guided the Britons back to the Catholic Faith.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>An early Irish Missionary, he became the first Bishop of Ireland, and the immediate predecessor to St. Patrick.&nbsp; Palladius landed near Wicklow and founded at least three churches in Leinster.&nbsp; His mission apparently made little impact upon the native population, and he departed to Scotland.&nbsp; He preached among the people of Scotland and spoke out about paganism that was rapid in that time period.&nbsp; He evangelized the people of Scotland, and soon after, died, at Fordun, Scotland of natural causes and is buried there.&nbsp; St. Prosper of Aquitaine has written his story.&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Practical Take Away&nbsp;</strong></span></p> <p>St. Palladius teaches us that perseverance is key, when trying to preach the gospel to those around us.&nbsp; He had the foresight to work with the people of Ireland, to catechize them and teach them the faith.&nbsp; When he could go no farther, he moved onto Scotland and spent 20 years there, preaching to them &ndash; converting many.&nbsp; The faith is alive today in many, because of the preaching that St. Palladius did in Ireland and Scotland, many generations ago.&nbsp; The example we set, and the choices we make, can too, have a lasting effect on those around us as well. &nbsp;</p>