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Newman coaching services are offered at no cost to campus ministries thanks to our donors.

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The Feminine Genius. Calling all Women to Save Mankind:

God’s Word is alive and should be embodied in our lives. This is often challenging on a college campus. Anxiety and depression continue to rise, especially in young adults. Empower yourself and the young women on your campus to understand their feminine genius and share their gifts with the world. Our young women are the answer to restoring hope.
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Fund Development Plans:

Do you have a strategic fundraising plan? Newman Grow has a thoughtful approach to fund raising accessible to all. Having a strategy for development will increase the resources for your ministry.
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How to Empower Your Student Leaders:

So, you’ve identified student leaders – now what? Partner with Newman Grow and develop a plan for taking your student leadership to another level, and watch them and your ministry grow.
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Making a Case for Latino Outreach:

Among all the possibilities in outreach, you may wonder why such few Latinos are showing up for campus ministry. Newman Grow has ‘the lay of the land’ with all things Latino and some good ideas to incorporate into Latino outreach that works.
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How to Write a Mission Statement:

Does your mission statement clearly communicate what you do? In this session you will create a clearly defined mission statement that tells your story and guides the direction of your ministry. Transform your ministry with a mission that matters.
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Self-Care/Setting Boundaries:

The demands of campus ministry can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. This course will guide you in developing a healthy self-care routine and setting personal and professional boundaries. Bring purpose and energy back to your day so you are better equipped to serve your students.
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Strategic Ministry:

There are an abundance of great ideas and the challenge of “the way things have always been done” when trying to create a strategy for your ministry calendar. The simple Connect, Unite and Grow framework we use at Newman is the solution to organizing and maximizing results for your campus ministry.
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Student Leadership Development:

Are leaders born or made? Let’s not take any chances while waiting for the answer. Newman Grow has some great ideas to aid you in tapping into the leader within (or not so much within) your potential student leaders.
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How do we measure success?

Some say it’s not possible to measure success in ministry. Despite the challenge, Newman Grow has some good ideas to help you measure what you do and how to improve upon your ministry.
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Are we a high functioning team?

Organizational principles that help teams operate with success are seldom known in the ministry landscape. Newman Grow knows how to coach you in these principles and begin the path toward becoming a ministry team that is unified and highly operational.
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Time management:

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” said the campus minister. The effective time management skills offered in this course will help you use your hours to work toward the outcomes you value the most, leaving you feeling fulfilled through accomplishing your goals.
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What’s a Work Plan?

Is it really possible to state in one document what a ministry team member hopes to do, how it will be done, and how it will be measured? Newman Grow’s work plan training is your solution for efficiency and effectiveness of tasks. Get clarity and clearly define how each team member’s role and responsibility in executing the ministry mission
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Here's what campus ministers are saying about the Newman Grow programs:

"Patti was awesome! She is a very nurturing facilitator who brings a good perspective and helpful and insightful observations. I would 100% recommend others to take advantage of this support. It has been so helpful for me especially through this strange time of online ministry."

Andrea, Campus Minister

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Newman coaching services are offered at no cost to campus ministry thanks to our donors.