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We could not locate a Catholic Campus Ministry, but the nearest Catholic Church is St. Marys. It is just down the street from the school and they like to have the college students come and worship with them and take part in parish activities. You are w <p>Stay connected..... We were unable to locate a Catholic Campus Minister at your school but we were able to locate a nearby Parish where you can attend Mass and get involved. Consider offering your talents to serve in ministries you used in your home parish...choir and music ministry, Extraordinary Minster of Eucharist or Usher/Greeter to welcome fellow Catholic Students. </p>

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Nearby: St. Mary's 133 S. Worcester St. Norton 02766 (508)285-4462 Sat: 4:00 pm Sun: 8:00, 9:30 &amp; 11:00 am Daily: 9:00 am (except Thurs. &amp; Sat.) Confessions: Sat: 3:15 pm Father Marc Trebley is the pastor here and he likes to meet the college students. Please introduce yourself when you come to Mass and tell Father you are from the college.

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Wheaton College
North Easton, Massachusetts
Diocese of Fall River

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