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A Message from Campus Ministry
<p>Although there is no official Catholic Campus Ministry at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, there are three local Catholic parishes that welcome you to participate and stay connected to the faith.<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>We look forward to seeing you.<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>Galesburg has three Catholic Parishes that welcome you – Corpus Christi Parish, St. Patrick Parish and Immaculate Heart of Mary parish.<span>&nbsp;</span></p>
Campus Ministry Staff

Mass Times

<div> (Corpus Christi – 273 S. Prairie St. - CC) </div> <div> (St. Patrick – 585 S. Academy St. – SP) </div> <div> (Immaculate Heart of Mary – 2401 N. Broad St – IHM) </div> <div> Monday – 8:15am IHM, 8am SP </div> <div> Tuesday – 8:15am IHM, 12:10pm CC </div> <div> Wednesday – 5pm IHM, 8am SP, 12:10pm CC </div> <div> Thursday – 8:15am IHM, 12:10pm CC </div> <div> Friday – 8:15am IHM, 8am CC </div> <div> Saturday – 7am IHM, 5pm IHM, 8am SP, 5:30pm CC </div> <div> Sunday – 8am IHM, 11am IHM, 7:30am SP, 10:30am SP, 7am CC, 9am CC, 11am CC </div>

Adoration Times

<p>Check with Parishes&nbsp;</p>

Confession Times

<div> Saturday – 8:30am SP, 11:15am CC, 3:30pm IHM, 4:30pm CC </div> <div> &nbsp; </div> <div> By Appointment </div>

No schedule information available.

Carl Sandburg College
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