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A Message from Baker Catholic Ministry
<p>Baker Catholic Ministry serves the Catholic students of Baker University to offer a place for Catholics to gather for activities, both spiritual and recreational, in fellowship together with other Catholic students. Our Catholic Campus Center, located across the street from the campus, includes an entertainment area with DirecTV, DVD and Wii. We also have a kitchenette as well as a washer and dryer free to use by any of our students. We also have free wi-fi for students registered with the Campus Center. Please stop by anytime to visit us.</p> <div id="aircall-extension-app">&nbsp;</div>
Baker Catholic Ministry Staff

Mass Times

<p>(Annunciation Catholic Church &ndash; 704 N 6<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;Street)</p> <p>Tuesday &ndash; 6:30pm</p> <p>Wednesday &ndash; 8am</p> <p>Thursday &ndash; 8am</p> <p>Friday &ndash; 8am</p> <p>Saturday &ndash; 9am</p> <p>Sunday &ndash; 10:30am, 6pm</p> <div id="aircall-extension-app">&nbsp;</div>

Adoration Times

<p>(Annunciation Catholic Church &ndash; 704 N 6<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;Street)</p> <p>1<sup>st</sup>&nbsp;Sunday of each Month &ndash; 11:30am to 5:30pm</p> <div id="aircall-extension-app">&nbsp;</div>

Confession Times

<p>(Annunciation Catholic Church &ndash; 704 N 6<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;Street)</p> <p>Tuesday &ndash; 6pm</p> <p>Sunday &ndash; 5pm</p> <p>Anytime by Appointment</p> <div id="aircall-extension-app">&nbsp;</div>

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