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Catholic Campus Ministries

Tennessee, Nashville, Diocese of Nashville,, <p>Our mission - to propose Jesus Christ and form His disciples - drives everything we do at University Catholic.&nbsp; And we do it with great fun, great energy and great reverence.&nbsp; We hope you’ll join us.</p> <p>UCat is a vibrant community of joy-filled students who are serious about their faith.&nbsp; Representing every area of student life, University Catholic unites students in friendship as we deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.&nbsp; As chaplain, I am devoted to making the Sacraments readily available and serving students’ spiritual needs. I am assisted by a team of FOCUS missionaries who reach out to meet students where they are and encourage them to get more involved.&nbsp;</p> <p>All of our programs and events are based upon our four pillars of formation – spiritual, intellectual, human and apostolic -- and help students to deepen their faith, build genuine friendships and become well-formed, well-rounded Catholics.&nbsp;</p> <p>UCat's Frassati House is intended to be a home away from home for Catholic students.&nbsp; Our Sunday Suppers and many events take place here.&nbsp; It also houses our chapel, which is where we host Wednesday adoration and Wednesday night Praise and Worship.&nbsp;</p> <p>Awakening -- a student-led, three-day retreat held each semester -- just might be the highlight of your college experience. Awakening helps participants discover the beauty of our Faith and the goodness of our God. It is an awesome weekend that will have a lasting impact. Make time for it, I know you will be happy you did!</p> <p>At University Catholic, you will find a welcoming community that will soon become your trusted friends! We look forward to getting to know you.&nbsp; Please be assured that your spiritual well-being is the intention of my daily prayers, works and sacrifices. Let me know how I can assist you.</p> <p>Faithfully,</p> <p>Fr. Gervan Menezes, M.Div., Chaplain</p> <p></p>

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University Catholic
Nashville, TN